Dock 5 has launched!


This is the time! My whole life experience has been leading to this moment and I have found the courage to let my creativity flow and prosper. I am diving in feet first by leaving my full time job as a fashion designer to start an artisan screen print business. You are welcome to join me on this journey of experimentation, learning and celebration of the creative spirit. Who knows where the journey will lead or what we’ll discover along the way?

In the past few months I converted my little bungalow into a silkscreen studio. I was lucky to find a good deal on used equipment and even more lucky that it all fit into my 800 sg ft house. I am making use of every square inch, including the back yard when the weather permits!

Cleaning screens on a beautiful day in paradise!
Cleaning screens on a beautiful day in paradise!

Once the equipment was set up, I was so eager to start printing that I dove right in, made a bunch of mistakes and then took breaks to learn how to manage the technical details of making a good stencil and print. Each step of the process, such as coating screens with emulsion, or exposure times, was a mini-hurdle and then a break through of understanding.

Because I always like a challenge, I created illustrations with fine etched lines for my first card collection. Success came when I knew could print the delicate detail of Queen Bee’s wings. That day was a milestone in my learning process!


QUEEN BEE SMThe next few weeks were a flurry of printing and assembling the cards with rhinestones, glitter and hand-tied tassels, and getting ready for my first craft show.



The glitter also made a perfect embellishment for the Halloween cards. The “snow” glitter actually looks like fur on the bat and the spider. Creepy and beautiful at the same time!



Once the cards were finished, I moved on to the next challenge, printing gift wrap with a larger screen. After a few trials and adjustments, I found the best setup was to print on top of my large work table. It’s a bit of a workout, hopping up and down, for each print, but it will help keep me warm in the winter!



Thankfully, help arrived to finish the large prints just in time for the show later that day!

She'll have this down in no time!
She’ll have this down in no time!
Squeegee lessons!
Squeegee lessons!

The Yoga North Mall-ternative was an amazing experience. I learned so much from meeting all the customers. For example, about half the people who bought gift wrap surprised me by saying they planned to frame it as art! In addition to meeting new customers, I made several new artist friends as well.I’m looking forward to joining this warm and supportive community. To top it all off, several friends from my previous 9-5 job came by to support my business and wish success for this adventure. My feet were tired, but my heart was full by the end of the two day show.

Yoga North Mall-ternative